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Here are the frequently asked questions about the Easter Bunny, as well as the tracker.

Easter Bunny

Q. Does the Easter Bunny sleep during Easter weekend?
A. The Easter Bunny spends lots of time preparing for his long journey across the world. He doesn’t get too much sleep during Easter weekend, but it’s only one day out of the entire year. For the rest of the year, he sleeps normally. Also, during Easter, he occasionally takes a quick nap in between stops.

Q. What is the Easter Bunny’s favorite food?
A. His favorite food is carrots. He loves fresh carrots from the garden!

Q. Should I leave anything? Will he not bring anything if I don’t leave carrots?
A. The Easter Bunny never expects you to leave anything for him! But if you want to, carrots are a great choice if you have them available. He also likes drinking water. Rest assured even if you can’t or don’t want to leave anything, it’s OK. The Easter Bunny understands and has prepared.

Q. Does the Easter Bunny lay the eggs?
A. The Easter Bunny does lay brightly colored eggs. Although that may sound very strange, he does. However, because the Easter Bunny has to deliver so many eggs and Easter baskets, he makes almost all of them without laying them.

Q. Does the Easter Bunny have a naughty or nice list?
A. While Santa Claus does have a list of boys and girls who have been naughty and nice, the Easter Bunny does not write or have a similar list. However, the Easter Bunny does know who has been naughty or nice, so it’s very important for you to be nice to make sure that you get an Easter basket with eggs and candy.

Q. Is the Easter Bunny real?
A. Scientific research, mountains of historical evidence, as well as a large “bunny”-like creature being detected by satellites indicates that the Easter Bunny is in fact real and well alive in the hearts of children.

Q. How old is the Easter Bunny?
Scientists and historians estimate that the Easter Bunny was born around 1492-1476, putting his age at around 525 – 541 years old.

Q. What time does the Easter Bunny come?
A. It’s hard to know for sure. Because his route changes every year, we cannot truly estimate when he will arrive at your home. But we can assure you that the Easter Bunny arrives at around 9 PM to 12 AM, so make sure you are in bed at those times!

Q. Is the Easter Bunny a boy or a girl?
A. It is believed he is a boy, but nobody knows for sure!

Q. Does the Easter Bunny have helpers?
A. While Santa Claus has elves that help him across the North Pole, the Easter Bunny does not seem to have any helpers. He seems to decorate everything himself!

Q. How does the Easter Bunny travel through the oceans?
A. Many people wonder how the Easter Bunny travels around the globe, particularly the oceans, due to the fact that unlike Santa Claus, he does not have a sleigh.

Despite extensive research and studies by scientists, historians, and others, the answer is unknown. There are several theories, some suggest that the Easter Bunny is so fast at hopping he can skip across the water. Other theories suggest that he has a very fast boat-like device that we do not know about. Although these theories are plausible, only the Easter Bunny knows for sure.

Q. Does the Easter Bunny bring toys and gifts?
A. Sometimes the Easter Bunny does bring gifts. Remember however that he is not Santa Claus and doesn’t have a huge sleigh to hold gifts in, so he cannot give you more than 1-2 gifts.

Q. The tracker says the Easter Bunny has passed where I live! Will he come back?
A. Yes! The Easter Bunny always makes sure to come back to homes of people he has missed. Make sure you get to bed as soon as possible though!

Q. Who does the Easter Bunny visit?
A. The Easter Bunny visits anybody who believes in him, even people who are not Christians, or religious at all.

Q. Where does the Easter Bunny come from?
A. Historians agree that the Easter Bunny was born in Western Europe, in Germany. It is speculated he was born in what is now the city of Paderborn, Germany.

Q. When is his birthday?
A. It is unknown when his birthday is. Historians believe that the Easter Bunny was born sometime in 1476 to 1492, according to documents and diaries from around that time.

Q. Where does the Easter Bunny live?
A. The Easter Bunny lives in Easter Island, in an unknown hideout area. He appears to change his location occasionally (approximately every 1-2 months) so it’s not a wonder nobody has found it yet!

Q. What is the Easter Bunny’s name?
A. Although the Easter Bunny has been around for many centuries, nobody knows his actual name. Documents from the 1500s seems to suggest that his first name is “Peter”, but only the Easter Bunny knows for sure!

Easter Bunny Tracker FAQs

Q. Where is the first place that the Easter Bunny always visits?
A. His first stop is always in Kiritimati (also known as “Christmas Island”). Kiritimati has the farthest time zone of any country and therefor are the first to celebrate Easter.

Q. When does the tracking begin?
A. Our tracker begins whenever the Easter Bunny begins! Typically, that’s at around 5:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (USA).

Q. Does NORAD track the Easter Bunny?
A. Although NORAD tracks Santa Claus and his journey across the world, they do not offer a Easter Bunny tracker.

Q. Does Google offer an Easter Bunny tracker?
A. No. Like NORAD, Google also tracks Santa Claus and his journey across the world, but they do not offer an Easter Bunny tracker.

Q. How do you track the Easter Bunny?
A. We use high-powered satellites to track the Easter Bunny’s progress around the world.

Q. Where is the last place the Easter Bunny visits?
A. Typically, the Easter Bunny’s final destination is Pago Pago, located in American Samoa, as well as it’s surrounding towns.

Easter FAQs
Q. When is Easter 2016?
A. Easter 2016 is on March 27, 2016.

Q. When is Easter 2017?
A. Easter 2016 is on April 16, 2017.

Q. When is Easter 2018?
A. Easter 2016 is on April 1, 2018.

Q. When is Easter 2019?
A. Easter 2016 is on April 21, 2019.

Q. When is Easter 2020?
A. Easter 2016 is on April 12, 2020.

Q. What is Easter?
A. Easter Sunday is the day that Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Q. Who is the Easter Bilby?
A. The Easter Bilby is a bilby who lives in Australia. He is relatively new to the delivering scene as his first sighting was in 1968. Some say that the Easter Bilby assists the Easter Bunny during his trip to Australia by helping him deliver candies and eggs to many children’s home in Australia. While it is unknown for sure whether it is folklore or if the Easter Bilby truly exists, he is worth mentioning on this page as Bilbies are an endangered species. It’s also interesting to note that Bilbies are native to Australia.

Q. Does track Santa Claus as well during Christmas?
A. We do not track Santa Claus during his journey around the globe. We believe that the people at NORAD and Google do a great job. You should visit their sites if you are looking for a Santa tracker for Christmas.

If you want to visit NORAD Tracks Santa as well as Google’s, you will have to wait until December 1, 2016 because that is when they officially open their website.

Q. How long have you been tracking the Easter Bunny?
A. We’ve been tracking the Easter Bunny’s journey since 2006. We went live on the internet around 2011.

Q. Why does the location differ from the one featured on other Easter Bunny tracking sites (e.g.
A. You may notice that the location of the Easter Bunny is different from that of other Easter Bunny trackers, like You may also notice this same oddity on NORAD’s Santa Tracker and Google’s Santa Tracker. However, the explanation is rather simple (although may be a little complex for younger readers.)

Thecptrackers (and, for this example) uses satellite data and models, in order to estimate the exact location of the Easter Bunny. The location you see on our website is an estimate of the exact location that the Easter Bunny is currently in. Our models and estimations may differ from, causing the two sites, and possibly other trackers, to have different location and estimation overall. The location we gave is guaranteed to be nearly 100% accurate, and the same goes for So, you should really use whichever website you think is more accurate, and which data and models you prefer.

Q. Why does the tracker say that the Easter Bunny visited e.g. 1 city in an entire country? Did he skip everything else?

A. No, it would be take too many resources to display ALL the towns and cities he visits (which is every inhabited village, town, city, etc in the world), so we only display a few select locations. Rest assured he has visited all surrounding villages, towns, cities, and other places.

Q. What does “CP” in The “CP” Trackers mean?

A. It stands for “Computer Pro”.

Q. Why do some people call the tracker “Rockhopper”?

A. Rockhopper is the codename for the Easter Bunny tracker.