Easter Bunny Tracker 2015

Mission Complete! The Easter Bunny has successfully completed his mission and has delivered eggs, chocolates and other great easter goods to kids all across the world. We thank you for tracking with us and we hope to see you again in 2016!

The Easter Bunny Tracker (Codename Rockhopper) is back yet again for another season of tracking the Easter Bunny (since 2011). Refresh every 15 minutes for the Easter Bunny’s current location starting at 5 A.M. EST and continuing until he finishes his journey. The Easter Bunny tracker is 100% accurate and actually pinpoints his exact location through satellites, webcams, and more!


Current Location: Easter Island, Chile

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Current Location: Easter Island, Chile -27.121192, -109.366424

Current location: Easter Bunny’s Hideout, Easter Island
Next stop: Unknown – Come back March 26, 2016 to track the Easter Bunny with us again!
Latest status: I’m officially done with the egg & candy deliveries! Thank you so much to everyone who tracked me – you rock! See you again next Easter! (4:40 PM EST 4/5/2015)
Eggs Delivered: 24,555,120,411

Below are the most frequently asked questions about the Easter Bunny, the tracker, and Easter itself.

Easter Bunny

Q. Is the Easter Bunny really a rabbit?
A. No. A common confusion with the Easter Bunny is that he is a rabbit. He is not. He is actually a Hare, which is in the same family of rabbits, but not actually a rabbit itself.

Q. Is he real?
A. Scientific research and hundreds of years of historical data, plus the indication of a large “bunny”-like being detected by satellites suggests that the Easter Bunny is in fact real and well alive in the hearts of children.

Q. Does the Easter Bunny really live on Easter Island?
A. It seems that his hideout is in fact Easter Island, or at the very least that is where our satellites detect him when he is on break. Interesting enough, although Easter Island is a very small island, nobody has found his hideout so far. He’s very good at hiding!

Q. How does the Easter Bunny travel across the world?
A. Nobody really has a definitive answer. There are many theories, but only the Easter Bunny knows for sure.

Q. Is the Easter Bunny a Boy or a Girl?
A. It’s not known yet, but it’s widely believed that the Easter Bunny is a boy.

Q. Does the Easter Bunny bring toys/gifts?
A. Sometimes. The Easter Bunny is not Santa Claus – he cannot carry a lot of toys, but he sometimes gives approximately 1-2 gifts.

The Tracker

Q. Why not just use NORAD? Don’t they have an Easter Bunny tracker?
A. No. NORAD does not offer an Easter Bunny tracker like they do for Santa Claus.

Q. What about Google?
A. No. Google sadly does not offer any Easter Bunny tracker.

Q. Where’s the Easter Bunny right now?
A. Check the tracker above for the Easter Bunny’s current location.

Q. How long have you been tracking the Easter Bunny?
A. For 7 years, but we went on the internet around 4 years ago, in 2011.

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