Easter Bunny Tracker 2015

Mission Complete! The Easter Bunny has successfully completed his mission and has delivered eggs, chocolates and other great easter goods to kids all across the world. We thank you for tracking with us and we hope to see you again in 2016!

The Easter Bunny Tracker (Codename Rockhopper) is back yet again for another season of tracking the Easter Bunny (since 2011). Refresh every 15 minutes for the Easter Bunny’s current location starting at 5 A.M. EST and continuing until he finishes his journey. The Easter Bunny tracker is 100% accurate and actually pinpoints his exact location through satellites, webcams, and more!


Current Location: Easter Island, Chile

loading map - please wait...

Current Location: Easter Island, Chile -27.121192, -109.366424

Current location: Easter Bunny’s Hideout, Easter Island
Next stop: Unknown – Come back March 26, 2016 to track the Easter Bunny with us again!
Latest status: I’m officially done with the egg & candy deliveries! Thank you so much to everyone who tracked me – you rock! See you again next Easter! (4:40 PM EST 4/5/2015)
Eggs Delivered: 24,555,120,411

Below are the most frequently asked questions about the Easter Bunny, the tracker, and Easter itself.

Easter Bunny

Q. Is the Easter Bunny really a rabbit?
A. No. A common confusion with the Easter Bunny is that he is a rabbit. He is not. He is actually a Hare, which is in the same family of rabbits, but not actually a rabbit itself.

Q. Is he real?
A. Scientific research and hundreds of years of historical data, plus the indication of a large “bunny”-like being detected by satellites suggests that the Easter Bunny is in fact real and well alive in the hearts of children.

Q. Does the Easter Bunny really live on Easter Island?
A. It seems that his hideout is in fact Easter Island, or at the very least that is where our satellites detect him when he is on break. Interesting enough, although Easter Island is a very small island, nobody has found his hideout so far. He’s very good at hiding!

Q. How does the Easter Bunny travel across the world?
A. Nobody really has a definitive answer. There are many theories, but only the Easter Bunny knows for sure.

Q. Is the Easter Bunny a Boy or a Girl?
A. It’s not known yet, but it’s widely believed that the Easter Bunny is a boy.

Q. Does the Easter Bunny bring toys/gifts?
A. Sometimes. The Easter Bunny is not Santa Claus – he cannot carry a lot of toys, but he sometimes gives approximately 1-2 gifts.

The Tracker

Q. Why not just use NORAD? Don’t they have an Easter Bunny tracker?
A. No. NORAD does not offer an Easter Bunny tracker like they do for Santa Claus.

Q. What about Google?
A. No. Google sadly does not offer any Easter Bunny tracker.

Q. Where’s the Easter Bunny right now?
A. Check the tracker above for the Easter Bunny’s current location.

Q. How long have you been tracking the Easter Bunny?
A. For 7 years, but we went on the internet around 4 years ago, in 2011.

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This is the site where I put my coding projects on. Welcome!

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Skype Commands, Easter Eggs, Bugs, and Tricks

Skype Group Chat Commands
Skype is a great tool to communicate and talk with people. It’s also a great tool to create group chats and conferences with. And to make sure your group chat stays under control, Skype offers several commands to moderate said group chat. A lot of these commands are very common, though some aren’t actually known at all. Some of these commands aren’t actually documented on the Skype website, or anywhere, from what I have seen. Some of these hidden commands don’t actually do anything (which might be why they are hidden) but some of them do very interesting things. I’ve also heard a rumor that some commands can only be used when the “IRC Style” view of chats is activated on the older versions of Skype but I don’t actually know if that’s true. But anyway, here are some commands and tricks, easter eggs, and hidden emotes.

Commonly Used Commands

  • /add [skype username] – Adds a skype contact to the chat. (e.g. typing in /add john.smith1 would add that contact to the chat.)
  • /alertson [text] - Highlights any word in a yellow background. For instance, /alertson Skype will alert you if the word Skype appears in the chat.
  • /alertsoff – Disables alerts.
  • /clearpassword – Removes the password security.
  • /find [text] – Finds specific text in a chat. For instance, typing /find Junk will return the first instance of the word “Junk” in the chat, if it was said.
  • /get allowlist – Details people with access to the chat.
  • /get banlist – Details people who are banned from the chat.
  • /get creator – Details the person who made the chat.
  • /get guidelines – See the chats guidelines.
  • /get options – Details active options for the current chat.
  • /get password_hint – Get the password hint if one has been set.
  • /get role – Details your role in the chat.
  • /get uri – Creates a URL link so others may join your chat without having to actually add you as a contact or be added by you.
  • /golive – Starts a group call with other participants in the chat. It’s worth noting that this works even when you have 25+ participants in the chat, so it’s quite useful.
  • /info – Details number of people in the chat, and maximum number available.
  • /kick - Kicks/ejects a chat member. For instance, /kick john.smith1 will kick him from the chat. This does not stop anyone from re-joining or someone from re-adding him/her to the chat.
  • /kickban - Ejects and bans a person from the chat. For instance, /kickban john.smith1 will kick and ban him from the chat. He or she will not be able to rejoin and nobody can add them back in.
  • /leave – Leave the current group chat you are in.
  • /me [text] – Your name will appear followed by any text you write. For instance, if your Skype name is John Smith, and you wrote /me is at the beach, it would appear as “John Smith is at the beach”. You can use this to send a message about your activities, or status.
  • /remotelogout – Sign out all other instances, except the current one.
  • /set allowlist [[+|-]mask] – Sets the members allowed in the chat. For instance, if you typed in /set allowlist +john.smith1, he or she will be allowed to join the chat.
  • /set banlist [[+|-]mask] - Sets which members are banned from the chat. For instance, if you typed in /set banlist +john.smith1, he or she will be banned from the chat. If you type in /set banlist -john.smith1 he or she will be allowed to rejoin.
  • /set guidelines [text] – Set a chats guidelines/rules. For instance, if you typed in /set guidelines No swearing! A user will be able to see this by typing /get guidelines.
  • /set password [text] – Create a password (no spaces allowed)
  • /set password_hint [text] – Create a password hint.
  • /setpassword [password] [password hint] - Create a password, and password hint for the chat.
  • /setrole [Skype Name] MASTER | HELPER | USER | LISTENER – Allows you to set a role to each chat member. Rolls are below.
  • /showplaces – List other instances where this skype name is currently signed in.
  • /topic [text] – Change the topic.
  • /undoedit – Undo the last edit of your messasge.
  • /whois [Skype Name] – provides details about a chat member such as current role.

These roles are straight from the Skype API.  There might be other roles, but I haven’t really looked around yet.

    • CREATOR - The person who created this chat will receive this. There can only be one creator per chat. Only creators can promote other members to masters.
    • MASTER – Also called “Chat hosts” in some versions of Skype. Masters have the same ability as Creators but cannot promote others to Masters themselves.
    • HELPER – A somewhat privileged member. They only have the same abilities as Users, but they aren’t affected by the USERS_ARE_LISTENERS option. They may also remove users from the chat.
    • USER – Regular members who don’t have special abilities. They may send messages in the chat and start group calls.
    • LISTENER – A member who can receive and read messages but cannot send any in the chat or call the group. Also called “Read Only Users” in Skype 3.x and below.
    • APPLICANT – A user waiting for acceptance in the chat. These users cannot send or receive any messages until a MASTER or CREATOR approves them. Users who have already been approved cannot be demoted into an applicant.

Uncommonly Used Commands
These are the uncommonly used commands. Most of these commands don’t really do much, or they do so little it is almost impossible to notice any changes, but there are some interesting things here.

    • /set options [[+|-flag] - Sets options for the chat. For example, /set options -JOINING_ENABLED switches off the JOINING_ENABLED option, while setting /set options +JOINERS_BECOME_APPLICANTS will switch on the JOINER+BECOME+APPLICANTS setting. Although this is a commonly used command, there are a few “options” you can set that are hidden.
    • HISTORY_DISCLOSED – Joiners can see the conversation that took place before they joined. The limit is 500 messages or two weeks of time, whichever comes first.
    • JOINING_ENABLED- When this is turned off, new users can’t join the chat. This option has to be enabled before the options JOINERS_BECOME_APPLICANTS, and JOINERS_BECOME_LISTENERS can be set. This can’t be disabled if one of the JOINERS_BECOME_xxx options are set.
    • JOINERS_BECOME_APPLICANTS – When this is on,  new users can join the chat but they can’t send or receive messages until they are authorized by a MASTER or a CREATOR.
    • JOINERS_BECOME_LISTENERS – When this is on, new users are able to join and  read  the chat conversation, but cannot send messages until a CREATOR or MASTER sets their role to User.
    • TOPIC_AND_PIC_LOCKED_FOR_USERS – When this is on, users can’t change the topic or the picture. Weirdly enough though, if a user writes /topic [text] they can still change the topic even when this setting is on.
    • USERS_ARE_WRITERS – I don’t really know what this means. I actually found it out after I took off the USERS_ARE_LISTENERS from my group, so I guess this could be set to allow users to send messages, though it’s not actually documented anywhere on the Skype website.
    • /htmlhistory - Generates an HTML file of the chats history and opens it in a browser. As of Skype 4.0, this command doesn’t work anymore.
    • /goadmin – Enters a mode called “Administration mode” of the chat. This can only be used by the Creator. Supposedly this is only supposed to add a “Creator” tag next to your name. Removed in Skype 6.0 and above.
    • /call [skype name] – Calls a skype user. For example, if you typed in /call john.smith1, it would call john.smith1… Not sure what exactly the purpose of this would be. Removed in Skype 5.5[?]
    • /clear – Clears the chat window.
    • /eggy – Unknown. It’s supposedly an easter egg that was removed in Skype 4.x, but it doesn’t seem to do anything in Skype 3.x either.
    • /undoedit – Skype 6.x and above only – reverts the last edit of a message.
    • /dbghelp – Outputs a list of debug[?] commands. There are no descriptions to what these do, however. Interesting, in Skype 4.x (including the most recent version as of this writing, Skype 6.16) and above, dbghelp still lists the /htmlhistory command even though that has been removed since Skype 4.2.
    • /showmembers – Lists all members of the chat, with their currently assigned role.
    • /showstatus - Prints some information about the current conversation. It prints the object id, the convo id, consumption horizon, history date, and message count.
    • /showactivemembers – System prints out “ACTIVEMEMBERS” but doesn’t list any members. Strange.
    • /showname – Displays the name of the original conversation. Not sure what the purpose of this is.
    • /showchatforms – This command is listed in the Skype strings, but it doesn’t do anything. Possibly a removed or beta command?
    • /showpendingmessages - I have no idea what this would do. It doesn’t do anything, either.
    • /info – Displays the amount of members in the chat and the maximum number allowed.
    • /fm – Throws up an error that says ”” is not a valid integer value. Not sure what this would do. Interestingly this is the only Skype chat command that gives any error.
    • /verify - Shows some text about missing messages. I don’t have any idea what this would do.
    • /fork [skype name(s)] – Duplicates the current group chat, leaving out contacts which are added to this command. Only works in Skype 5.x and is removed in Skype 6.x.
    • /showaccsel - Doesn’t do anything. Listed in the Skype strings.
    • /showaccfocus – Doesn’t do anything. Listed in the Skype strings.
    • /accselect – Doesn’t do anything. Listed in the Skype strings.
    • /debug - Removed in Skype 5.x and above. Not sure what this did. Possibly an early command or an alternate command for the /dbghelp command.
    • /debugmsg - Removed in Skype 5.x and above. Have no idea what this would do.
    • /golive [token] – It’s unknown when this was added but I know it works in Skype 5.x. It opens a management window in a group conversation, which allows to handle conference calls. I’m not exactly sure what this “token” does but it gives a link that you can share to others and allow them to join the conference.
    • /rsql – This is listed in the Skype strings but it sends into the chat. This is the only command that doesn’t show you the “help” like any other invalid command.
    • /setupkey [key] [value] – Sets a “key” to a certain “value”, or unsets this key if there isn’t any value given. I have no idea what this would be used for.
    • /setupkey! – Deletes the “key”. Again I don’t know what this would be used for.
    • /set listeners [value] – The value is supposed to be a Skype ID. It changes the output of /showmembers but I haven’t tested this much. As the name suggests, it will set any Skype ID you put in as a “Listener”.
    • /get listeners – Shows the list of listeners set with the previous command.
    • /ignore – I would assume it just ignores peoples messages but I haven’t had time to test it.

Hidden Skype Emotes
Along with the hidden commands, there are a bunch of hidden skype emotes. Most of these are actually known by people but here they are if you didn’t know them. By “hidden” it means you have to manually type it in and can’t just select it through the emoticon box built into Skype.

  • skype-emoticon (skype) (ss) – The Skype Logo. Not hidden in Skype 2.x or 3.x.
  •  (call) – An emote chattering while making a phone out of his fingers.
  •  (talk) – An emote talking rather rapidly if I must say so myself.
  •  (u) (U) – A normal looking heart at first which then shatters into two pieces and then turns dark red then disintegrates rapidly. Quite sad, honestly.
  •  (o) (O) (time) – A clock turning its dials fast and rapid. Yikes!
  •  (e) (m) – A letter which I guess waves at you.
  •  (~) (film) (movie) – A movie clapper.
  •  (mp) (ph) – A phone which seems to resemble an iPhone.
  •  (drunk) – A drunk emote which hiccups and has a lazy eye.
  •  (punch) – An emote punching with boxing gloves.
  •  (smoking) (smoke) (ci) -An emote smoking and coughing.
  •  (toivo) – A man waving and playing with his dog.
  •  (rock) – A guy headbanging with a rock and roll symbol.
  •  (headbang) (banghead) – A guy literally doing a headbang on a brick wall. Ouch!
  •  (bug) – A giant bug. Gross!
  •  (poolparty) – A guy dances and drops his duckie… to reveal that he is naked. Yuck.
  •  (talktothehand) - A guy shoving his hand in your face. Also a great insult if your friend is Greek.
  •  (idea) – A guy thinks, and a lightbulb suddenly appears over his head. He then stares at it… I don’t think that’s good for your eyes.
  •  (sheep) – A sheep… defecating everywhere. Gross. Skype 6.13+ only.
  •   (cat) :3 – A cat that licks his paw. Skype 6.13+ only.
  •  (bike) – A man riding his bike at an insanely fast speed. Skype 6.13+ only.
  •  (dog) – A dog that goes crazy and jumps all around. Skype 6.13+ only.
  •  (mooning) – A guy pulls his pants down and wiggles his arse at you. The ultimate insult.
  • (zilmer) – A guy stands still for a few seconds, then takes a photograph. Skype 5.5+ only. If you are below 5.5, you have to use (priidu).
  • (soccer) (football) – A guy kicks a soccer ball around.
  •  (wfh) – A giant laptop outside a house, then turns to the back to reveal an even larger laptop.
  •  (oliver) – A guy wearing glasses and a fedora looks shocked at something.
  •  (shielddeflect) - Captain American deflects bullets with his shield! Skype 6.13 or above only.
  •  (nickfury) – Nick Fury shows his badge. Skype 6.13 or above only.
  •  (blackwidow) – Black Widow shows off her moves. Skype 6.13 or above only.
  •  (bucky) – Bucky reveals himself (not in that way). Skype 6.13 or above only.
  •  (captain) – Captain America salutes. Skype 6.14 or above only.

Removed Emoticons
These emotes have been removed from Skype, but work in older versions.

  •  (finger) – Removed in Skype 6.13 and above. The emote was a man, well, giving the finger. It’s interesting that they removed this emote but kept the Sheep emoticon (an emoticon which features a sheep defecating everywhere) and the mooning emoticon (a guy pulling his pants down revealing and wiggling his arse)
  •  (fubar) – Removed in Skype 6.13 and above. A guy angrily pointing his finger at something. I’m not sure why it was removed.
  • (hollest) – Removed in Skype 6.13 and above.  Just a pair of legs running around. I’m not sure why this one was removed either.
  •  (wtf) A guy mouthing “what the fuck”. Removed in Skype 6.13 and above. I guess they were trying to make Skype more family friendly, despite (mooning) still being in the emoticons, albeit hidden.
  •  (malthe) – Removed in Skype 5.5 and above. Malthe is a Skype staff member. It was an emo emoticon. It was removed I guess because it was identical to the (emo) emote but had glasses instead.
  •  (myspace) – Removed in Skype 5.0 when MySpace and Skype were no longer partners. Since they were no longer partners, it would have made no sense to keep the emoticon. The MySpace emoticon was just the MySpace Logo anyways. Interestingly, even in the latest version of Skype, if you set your homepage to a MySpace profile, this emoticon will still appear next to it.
  •  (tuari) - Removed in Skype 5.5 and above, it was a hidden emoticon that was a man with glasses and a five o’clock shadow for facial hair. It is speculated that this was a Skype developer.
  • (priidu) – Renamed in Skype 5.5 and above to (zilmer).  It is the exact same is Zilmer. This is the only emoticon in Skype that was renamed.

Weird Bugs
No coded program known in existence has no bugs at all. There always will be bugs. Skype is not an exception here. Some of these glitches are really funny. Here are some Weird bugs and glitches!

Skype 4.0 for Android infinite Recent loop
In Skype 4.0 for Android, there is a way to get into an infinite Recent loop. Just go to Recent, then Profile, and you’ll keep seeing Recent. Another one is in Favorites, you can go to Favorites -> Profile -> Recent -> Profile -> Recent, etc. There isn’t any point to this but it’s pretty dumb!

More to be added soon….

Easter Eggs
Most programs today have Easter Eggs. Is skype an exception? Nope! Here are some great easter eggs in Skype.

Cat emoticon when writing
Here is a way to get a “cat” emoticon when you are writing. I’m pretty sure this still works in new versions of Skype.
1. Open a chat window and talk to someone.
2. Hold down at least 3 keys that aren’t close to eachother. C A T will work.
3. A cat icon will appear when you are writing for at least 5 messages. Have fun!

Break the skype pencil
Ever seen that stupid, annoying pencil when somebody’s or maybe yourself is writing? Well it’s known you can see it erase stuff and write, but you can actually break the pencil. It’s really easy.
1. Hold the ASD, QWE, JKL, or SDF keys on your keyboard.
2. You will see an animation of your pencil being broken in half. That’s pretty funny.

Clippy Parody
We all know and love that little clippy from Office ’98 and Office 2003. Well you can make him appear in Skype by doing these simple steps. If you have the newer version of Skype, hold SHIFT then press the telephone icon. A clippy parody as a telephone will appear telling you that “it looks like you are trying to call a phone. Please do.” Be careful though, if you hover over him he goes away!

Comic Sans MS Frowny Face
Even Skype hates the Comic Sans MS font. In any version of Skype, go to the Tools menu, click Options, click on IM & SMS, click on IM appearance, and press “Change font” button. Switch to Comic Sans MS. Then go back into an IM chat and look at the smiley emoticon. It has turned into a frowny face!

Tips and tricks
Now here are some helpful tips and tricks you can use on Skype. You may or may not have known about these, but its always good to know some of these in case you need to use them one day!

Fix a typo
Just made an embarrassing typo? Don’t worry! Just press UP on your keyboard and fix the mistake from there. You can also right click on the message and click edit. Hopefully they didn’t see that. This works on Skype 2.x and all the versions above it!

Delete a message
Just sent a message you regret? Never fear. Just right click on your message, hit delete, and press OK. If you need to delete a series of messages, just click on the checkbox that says “do not ask me again”.

Change a contact/group/phone number name
Sometimes in Skype, you may have contacts with the same name. Well there is an easy fix for this! Click on the contact / group / phone number / whatever you want to edit, and hover over the name. You’ll see a pencil icon. Click on it and rename it to whatever. Have fun!

Stop the skype ding in groups
Are you in a group with a lot of people talking? Are you about to explode because of how annoying it is? Don’t want to go into “Do Not Disturb” mode? Just go into the group and write /alerts off and you won’t hear the Skype Ding!

Remove Emoticons
Do you think the Emoticons are annoying? Well good news for you! It is actually possible to disable them. Just go to the Tools menu -> Options -> IM & SMS -> IM Appearance, and tick off the Show emoticons checkbox and you won’t see them anymore. And if you want to keep emotes but disable animations, you can also tick off the Show animated emoticons checkbox!

Answer Call through shortcut
Is somebody calling you and your mouse isn’t working? Never fear. Just press ALT + PageUp to accept the call! To answer with video you can hold CTRL + ALT + PageDown.

Hope you liked our tips and tricks, easter eggs, secrets, etc for Skype… maybe you have one? You should comment if you do.

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